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As beautiful as the one you adore, this Charles & Colvard(R) Forever Brilliant(R) Moissanite Split Bail Round Solitaire pendant is one that will turn heads and is also the perfect accent to your outfit! Mounted in 14k. White Gold or 14k. Yellow Gold and features a single 6.0mm round moissanite in a four prong setting. The pendant comes with an 18 box style chain with a lobster claw clasp, and has a total diamond equivalent weight of .80ct. Forever Brilliant(R) is the world's most brilliant gem(R). Inspired by the beauty and fire of natural moissanite, discovered over a century ago in an ancient meteorite by Dr. Henri Moissan, Charles & Colvard(R) patented an ethical process for growing gem-quality moissanite. More brilliant than a diamond at a fraction of the cost, more durable than a sapphire, ruby, or emerald, nothing compares to or outshines Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite(R). Forever Brilliant(R) is our brightest, whitest gem ever; the result of new innovation and artistry that reveals maximum brilliance and fire. Artfully created from Silicon Carbide, the worlds second hardest mineral; the beauty of Forever Brilliant(R) created by Charles & Colvard(R) is guaranteed to last forever. Each stone comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty ensuring that it will maintain its brilliance and fire, without ever fading or changing color. CT (carat) TW (total weight) DEW (diamond equivalent we Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
Price: 679.99

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